Playlist from first Cognoscenti Club

Apologies for neglecting you chaps and chapesses recently but we’ve been busy, our album is now ready and will be released 25th October. So watch this space.

We’ve also started a club night in Camden, if you came to the first one you’ll know that it had a fiercely eclectic musical range, if you didn’t then this is a sampler of what we played for you. We kept a list of what was played until we got drunk and then didn’t so we have the early part of the nights setlist for you.


John Barry – the theme from the persuaders
the Lotus Eaters – first picture of you
Japan – Quiet life
David Bowie – a new career in a new town
Kraftwerk – computer love
Sparks – tryouts for the human race
Spandau Ballet – to cut a long story short
Inspiral carpets – this is how it feels
the stone roses – the hardest thing in the world
Ultrasound – floodlit world
the teardrop explodes – reward
XTC – generals and majors
The Jam – strange town
the smiths – shakespeares sister
ash – angel interceptor
pulp – joyriders
the housemartins – happy hour
orange juice – falling and laughing
the B52s – give me back my man
the specials – enjoy yourself
david bowie – sound and vision
St ettiene – nothing can stop us
Blur – trouble in the message centre
the pixies – the holiday song
gang of four – essence rare
Sonic youth – get into the groovy
the clash – remote control
the futureheads – radio heart
violent femmes – blister in the sun
fragile – frankie and the heartstrings
the beat – click click

as i said at that point we lost track! at the first one we played everything on vinyl but because of problems with it skipping and that beng quite annoying to people dancing and also not wanting to kill our vinyl the next one will be from cd. Not as cool but def better if you are gonna come and dance.


Remodel at home…

Our Easter homecoming was marked with a lovely review from the boys from Bezeb Entertainment ( :

After several months of playing solely in and around London the Remodel chaps made their way up the M6 to their hometown of Market Drayton. A packed out Clive and Coffyne welcomed this charming quartet back to Shropshire.

Remodel jumped straight into capturing the crowds’ imagination by starting with two of their best-known former singles, Formula and Cognecenti. The mix between well-known old singles and new exciting future releases was perfectly balanced. The brilliantly catchy ‘British Racing Green’ and ‘Limited’ were flawlessly performed with childlike energy flowing mainly from the rhythm section, leaving guitarist Mark to embellish and support the lyrically beautiful vocal lines.

Upon watching Remodel one is over come by a sense of unity. It has been a very long time since I have watched such a musically tight group. This is due to each member understanding and fulfilling his role in the band. The balance between instruments is flawless, with a sound that could only be recreated by Ian Curtis meeting Thom Yorke and Damon Albarn. The short catchy songs remind me of the early Beatles records, simple in structure and musical progression with clever, memorable lyrics.

We want people to review our gigs! We get you in for free, you write about what you thought and let us put it up on here – interested? Get in touch!

Catch Review

Last Tuesday we played Catch. Juno Morris was there to see it:

Every now and then you see and band that makes you think ‘hmm yes, I see potential in this indie pop nonsense.’ Remodel are one such example.

On a windy night in Shoreditch I went to see the Shropshire lads kick up a fuss. As usual they played a blinder, despite the shit acoustics and a bass amp the size of a Tupperware box.

Nonetheless our ear panels were suitably moisturised by guitar anger and lyrical poetry in a set lasting approx 20 minutes, and I swear not a second of it wasted. Launching first into the beautifully named Situational Tragedy Pt. II and on into the patriotic British Racing Green with its gut punching bass and catchy riff. The charismatic boys breezed cooly through their set, interspersing sharp infectious tracks with their amusing banter and ending on current single, the charming ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ (enough said!).

These boys are courageous lords in times of homogenised custard-pop and after much foot tapping I left the gig feeling supercharged and ready to start a revolution, which is exactly how a decent live gig should make you feel. Follow them music pixies, for they are the future.

Dream of becoming a budding music journalist? Get in touch- We will give free entry to the gig in exchange of a review of the performance….

Happy Easter!

Just a quick note to say happy Easter to you all- chocolate & rest sounds like a lovely way to spend a few days 🙂

If you fancy adding some banging tunes and copious amounts of alcohol to your weekend then don’t forget we are at the Enterprise, Camden this evening and then going home to play on Sunday all in the spirit of charity.

It’s Adams birthday on Monday aswell. If that’s not an excuse for some excessive alcoholism then I don’t know what is!

La Belle Dame reviewed

What would happen if the Killers, Franz Ferdinand and contagious sound decided to team up and make a band together?

Probably the result would be something like Remodel. With a sound that may remember to a Ferdinand style with a little touch of The Killers, La Belle Dame Sans Merci is a single which shows a contagius sound that mixed with a post-punk sound, with a little pop sound.

Cognoscenti Live

Our friends at Sad Gnome have kindly sent this over to us – live from our recent gig at Tommy Flynns. Enjoy!

A new (quite strange) review!

Make of it what you will….

Live, Remodel remind us of what we should be experiencing, nay, demanding from a live gig in this day and age. Engaging, intelligent Rock/Pop performed with an energy and edge as sharp as the cut of their lapels. Remodel reject the lazy, minimum effort songwriting, jeans n’ t-shirts will do, attitude that seems to prevail on the circuit, at the moment.

Whilst there are many bands out there, sans humour, making a loud noise, with absolutely NOTHING to say, Remodel are rising to the surface, sparkling through the gloom with their bright, urgent sound, lyrical wit and exuberant performance.

From the twitchy, switch-blade delivery of their first single, “British Racing Green”, the post punk frenetic drive of their second single, “Formula” or “Cognoscenti” (complete with one of the finest, most insane and gleefully mischievous guitar breaks you are likely to hear this side of a bad acid trip), to the louche groove of their current release, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”, Remodel are in the business of producing songs spiked with an addictive hook line and melody infection that gets right inside your brain and itches until you have to scratch to hear more.

See, the thing is, Remodel don’t have a problem with wanting every song they write, to be a hit. See, the thing is, Remodel don’t have a problem with trying to act too cool for school because, Remodel… Simply are… Cool.

Remodel are “Go”; Futurist Moderns in the 21st Century… Bright young things on a bohemian shoestring, functioning on a heightened state of pop intent, bashing out a message of anti ennui, inviting everyone who wants to have a bloody good time, to their party and into their world.

Already playing to a growing fan base and causing a stir amongst the Shoreditch / Camden / New Cross chattering youth, please see the attached sheet of independent reviews and comments, providing evidence of the impact Remodel are having out there.

God forbid, shock alors, Remodel have both concrete solid SUBSTANCE and STYLE…

As this decade comes to an end and all is clearly not well in the state of rock, it would do no harm to look to Remodel as an antidote to the homogenised, “reality” telly pop, or the MOR, mum friendly bands, currently suffocating the systems and clogging up our sensibilities.

2010: Re-think! Remodel are here to shake it out…

Go see ’em live, download their songs, tune into their sound, tune into their world…

Couldn’t have put it better (or more excitedly) ourselves…